New unique patented technology allows printing directly on the latex

Our American production partner is the only manufacturer in the world capable of making graphic condoms. To us, that makes them the best condom makers in the world. We use certified natural ink enuring optimal comfort, safety and quality. This revolutionary technology allows us to print anything and everything bound only by our imagination. 


Three french sisters, Lizza, Julia, and Manon founded the startup company.

Made In Love is a new french beautiful brand of graphic condoms. We come from Paris and our condom are all latex printed. Everytime you unroll a condom, you will have the privilege of discovering a design on the skin, just like an erotic tatoo… We want to revolutionize the world of condoms and breathe new life into intimacy.


 We are turning the condom into the sexiest french accessories of the world.

Every condom is conceptualised by a designer, and printed in limited editions. These are the only beautiful, sensual and sexy condoms on the market. Each design has its own story, become a part of it.  What if we give you the opportunity to buy condom not by necessity but with pleasure. What if we give you the opportunity to enhance your intimacy.


New unique patented technology

allows printing directly on the latex, certified to both FDA and EC standards, allowing access to both European and American markets.

We use certified natural ink for optimal comfort, safety and quality. 

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